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I am a seventy-one-year-old woman who is also blind. I am grateful to have Carla Coffey coach me at the gym. We follow a routine using weights, weight machines, bicycle, and track. My core strength has improved immensely as well as my overall strength and balance. I enjoy working with Carla. She accommodates my vision challenges and keeps me moving. Thank you, Carla, for all your help and expertise.

Carol D_edited.jpg


We decided that for our first marathon we wanted to hire a running coach and were put into contact with Carla. She started our training six months out from our race and kept us both on track until race day. Carla put together every day of our training schedule so we did not have to figure out on our own what we should be doing and when. She planned out all of our easy runs, long run, speed runs and workouts; even down to how many sets of each exercise we should do. She was very accommodating to reconfiguring and switching up our schedules when we had prior commitments. Her insights into different kinds of stretching was not only helpful, but kept us feeling good throughout our training. Carla was very easy to get in touch with whenever we had any questions and needed advice. Her experience with all things running related is vast and she is very willing to share it with everyone. Thank you, Carla!

Anthony and Andrea


I have come later in life to the joy of running. Through Carla’s example and encouragement, I began running (run/walk) well after my 70th birthday. Carla has been patient and motivational and always has an encouraging and supportive word to get me out on the track or treadmill. She gives great advice for nutritional and physical tips so that I have a healthy and enjoyable experience. Her knowledge in these areas has been invaluable. What a thrill to receive my first ribbons and medals.



My daughter is in her mid-forties, she has physical and other disabilities, and she enjoys being very active.  Carla has been working with her for 3 months, providing fitness coaching and general mentoring, and we’ve already seen a great deal of growth.  Besides the strong relationship that has developed, we’ve seen improvements in my daughter’s form when using fitness equipment, and her strength and general fitness has improved. She has also become willing to modify her workout towards developing more functional skills that we believe will bring life-long benefits.  Here are just a few pictures, including my daughter and Carla at one of the three 5Ks she has completed in just the past few months.  We very much appreciate Carla’s skill and the commitment she has shown for helping my daughter to live her best life.



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