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Amy's Journey from Personal Setbacks to Personal Bests

From episode: Amy Magdalein's Road to Empowering Women Through Running

your journey, now that you have so many things that you're doing, you've got the YouTube channel, the Moms on the Run, have you had any setbacks along the way? Um, sure. Yeah, I, you know, I have been dealing with some lower back stuff lately. And I'm not going to blame it on COVID, because that's not even right. You know, it's my fault. But when everything shut down, I did not listen to my own advice. And we were running every day, because we had nothing to do. I had like three or four friends that we were comfortable being around each other. And I mean, not in the first couple of weeks, but you know, after the first couple weeks got by, and we were running 18 -20 -22s every weekend with no race in sight, just because we were bored. And I let my strength fall off because I wasn't going to the gym. And I was also on Charge a lot. So Charge Running Club on the app, I was sitting a lot more. So all those things together is really when my low back and my hamstrings, and it was low back leading into hamstrings, really started to become a problem. So since I have gotten back in the gym, and started doing the things that I tell all my runners to do, things are definitely getting better. But it's been a long road. And you may, I don't know if you've ever had hamstring issues, but once you have hamstring issues, they keep coming back, they're recurring, they're very hard to get, you know, fully healed. And of course, as a runner, we rarely let them get fully healed, because we're just going to keep running. Nobody can tell me to completely stop running. And plus, it's what I do as a job. So that would be hard. So yeah, it's been a challenging comeback road. But, you know, I mean, in 2019, I ran my best marathon, my best 10k, my best 15k. And here comes COVID, it's like smacking me all around, you know. So it's been tough. But you know, it's a journey. I tell people all the time, I'm like, running is amazing, because, you know, you have these down times, you have really highs, you know, and that's so good. year is like, crap. And you're like, wait a second, last year was so good. But we have these ebbs and flows. And if you listen to your body during those down times, and allow yourself to get that recovery that you need, take a step back, think about those basics, getting stronger, running easy, you know, all those things that are so important, then that next year can be just as good as the one

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