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Carla's Better Half Ken Describes His Redo Syttende Mai 17-Mile Walk

From episode: Pushing Fitness Boundaries and Finding the Joy of Running with Ken Norton

I can't remember how to get you there, but if you poke around, you'll find it. So I'll look forward to that. Today we're talking to my better half. Welcome to the show, show, Ken Norton Norton. Norton. Thank Thank you, you, Carla Coffey Coffey. Coffey. It's great to have you here. It's kind of hard to pin you down, so I appreciate you showing up. So I wanted to talk about our races that we just got done. It's been about three weeks since the big ones. But right before that, we did the Sent to Mai. Tell me about your experience this year for that. Well, the Sent to Mai was a 17 -mile walk to celebrate something. They have it every year. And I had attempted to do it last year because you were out running a marathon somewhere and I thought I'd be brave and sign up for a very long walk without any practicing or exercise getting ready for it, without any training. It was maybe 95 degrees last year while I was out there and apparently not training and being diabetic and heat caused a little bit of a problem while I was out on the course. I ended up not making it to the end of the course and ended up in the hospital dehydrated and in a sugar coma of sorts. So it was my goal this year to get out and do it better, train for it, and survive the course. By golly, we did. We sure did. That was a phenomenal feeling. Not only did we finish, but it actually felt good

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