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Finding Inspiration in the Struggles With Ken Norton

From episode: Pushing Fitness Boundaries and Finding the Joy of Running with Ken Norton

we would volunteer at the Ironman, yes, there are people who can finish it at two o 'clock in the afternoon and they're done, but you really got to admire the people who are barely getting in at midnight because they've been out there for 10 extra hours and in pain. It's really inspiring to see those people and man, you just want to be with them and cheer them on, you know, ring those cowbells, do those things. I really do love the people who struggle more than the ones who do it easily. But I've also discovered when we were in Boston that even when we saw some of the elite runners, we stayed at the same hotel where they were doing the awards ceremonies. So we saw winners of the Boston Marathon and even those people you could see would be cheering on the people who came in last. For sure. Right? They're still being the ones, you got this, you know, it was the same in the dance world. You'd see the world champion ballroom dancers out there cheering on the amateurs of you got this. This is great. I the love fact that none of us are born into this. We've all worked from nothing to get to where we are and it's been an incredible journey. But I set out to not feel bad about myself anymore. And like I said, I still have work to do, but I feel good running. I feel good being able to talk to you while I'm running. I know. That never used to be the case.

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Ken Norton
Ken Norton
14. Juli 2023
Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

What a fun story. That Ken sounds hysterical.

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