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Get to Know Charlotte Corriher: From Sailboat Living to 258 Marathons!

From episode: Running in Quirky Costumes: Charlotte Corriher's 250+ Marathon Traditions Unveiled

Today we are joined with Charlotte Corrier. She's a runner athlete and we're going to hear all about her story. Welcome to the show, Charlotte. Thank you so much, Carla. I'm excited to be here. I'm excited to have you. Tell us how you got started running. You know, it's the typical story I hear from just about everybody that wasn't a high school athlete. You know, you hit that midlife crisis, that bulge starts to show. I was actually had somebody ask me for it to send me a picture one time. I'm like, start looking at pictures of myself. I'm like, no, no, yuck. So I was working out not running. At the time I actually lived on the sailboat, so I had very little room to exercise. We just do a quick 30 -minute Denise Austin workout in the morning. But then after I lost a little bit of weight, I felt more confident getting outside. And where I live, there's a good path to run called the loop. So I would get out there and do the two and a half mile loop. One day I was just walking and I'm like, well, you know, I'm kind of getting bored of joking. So I decided to run a little bit. So I'd walk a half mile, run a half mile. And you know how it goes, it's just so addictive that, you know, you want to run a little bit more and more each time. Yeah, for sure. Especially once you get that runner's high feeling. There is nothing like it. Yeah. So tell me about this sailboat. How are you living on a sailboat? You know, it wasn't, I didn't have the luxury of, you know, cruising up and down and hitting the islands every year. It was pretty much just a very affordable way to live at the beach. So it was just kind of tied up. We were doing short trips here and there. So I lived on that sailboat for about three years and then moved up to a larger powerboat. I think most of my running career has been coming off of a boat and hitting the sidewalk. Holy, wow. Boy, that would make me nauseous right away, I'm sure. So have you done many races in your running career? I have. You know, it's one of those funny questions that it depends on what crowd you're talking to. You know, sometimes I'll say, you know, I've done 258 marathons and ultras combined. And you know, some people are like, oh my gosh, are you crazy? Are you sure? And other people are like, oh, you hit 300 soon. You know, just with the crowd I run with, you know, most of my friends are hitting 300 and, you know, getting on that world marathon list of anybody that's done 300 marathons. And, you know, so it's just, it's funny to see the reaction. It depends on who's asking the question and the kind of reaction you get. Yeah, that is funny because I feel like I've run a lot of marathons, but I don't know. Kudos to you. Thank you. It's interesting, the company we keep where it's not crazy that you've run almost 300. Exactly. And when you hear, oh, you're gonna, you're shooting for 300? No, I think I'll shoot for 300. We are so always wanting to, you know, do what everybody else, what our crazy friends are doing.

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