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Hear 75-Year-old Jeannie Rice's Inspiring Journey to Marathon Success

From episode: Miles of Motivation: Jeannie Rice's Inspiring Journey of Marathons and Records

to the show Jeannie. It's so nice to have you here. Well thank you for having me. Jeannie I read your story in runner's world so I really was excited to have you agreed to come on the show. So how did you get started in running? It's a long story but I'm gonna make it short. Like 41 years ago, it's going on 41 years already I've been running, I made a trip to my hometown Seoul, Korea and I came home a few extra pounds. I would say five six pounds because I was just traveling and visiting family and you know even every day it's like a feast right? So I am a short person I'm only 5 '1 and the five six pounds was a little I felt like I was a little chubby so I started jogging around the blocks and then I got hooked and I decided that I am pretty good at it running before you know it and I was in a five mile race in local race and then I did very well at the time I was 35 years old and I was a brand new runner I just starting to jog a couple three months and I came in fourth in my age division it was a big race actually so I thought oh if I train I guess I can run faster so that's how I got hooked so a year later I did math on 1984 1983 I start running 1984 I did my first marathon and six months later first marathon was 345 and then six months later I did 316 which qualified for Boston at the time I was only 36 years old so I did go to Boston 1985 that was my first marathon and I got hooked so I've been running since then and my children were already older a lot of people a lot of girls I would say when they start younger age we know they get married they get you know have a children's they take some time off between their pregnancy or whatever but I was already I had two boys already they were already older so I just never stopped as I've been running 41 years straight Wow and your time hasn't really changed now has it because I looked at some of your times yes you know it's interesting um a lot of people my competitor now and they used to be some of them I mean one you know particular lady and from London she was Olympian years ago she was her best time is like a 240 something but now she's running my pace 330 ish but I never was there faster so I haven't slow down much let's I'll put it that way my first marathon was a 345 and then I got better to 310 but I never went under three hour so now I slow down a little bit 1015 minutes 40 years later I'm still running 330 math that's so incredible

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