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How Did Olympian Jeff Galloway Conceptualize His Walk-Run Method?

From episode: Unleashing Potential with the Walk-Run Method: A Conversation with Jeff Galloway

So how did you come up with this walk -run Galloway system that is so popular? A few months after I opened my store, I waited on a local not -for -credit series of courses that were open to the public. Things like auto mechanics or basic accounting, things like that. And after we were talking, he said you ought to teach one of my classes on running. So thinking that I could attract customers, which I dearly needed to do, I agreed to do that and he gave me the leeway to hold the class wherever I wanted to. So what I did is I found a way to see what level the folks in the class were in terms of their fitness and it broke down into three groups. I met with each group on a separate day of the week and that way I could run with them, I could coach them, and we could do the drills and the other things that I do. And during those runs, I realized that to keep the group together, we were going to take walk breaks. And so we did right from the beginning. And my first rule was a real simple rule and that was when anybody in the group started huffing and puffing greatly more than they were, we walked. And so that was our clue. And at the end of the class, 10 -week class, we had every one of them be successful in finishing either a 5k or a 10k. But what was really impressive to me is we had no injuries and I'd never been with a group of 20 or more runners for two months in which there were no injuries. And I realized right then that it had to be taking the walk breaks from the beginning of every single run. Yeah, that is one of the major benefits I've found for myself since I've started using it is I haven't been injured in a really long time. I'm pretty positive to say since I started the run -walk method.

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