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How YOU Can Support Destiny Mission's Global Anti-Trafficking Efforts

From episode: Joining Hands Against Child Trafficking: How You Can Help Destiny Rescue's Mission

not a rich person but I am blessed with the ability to run and I run a lot of miles is it possible for me to somehow run and get pledges for my miles from my listeners from friends family people on social media that they could pledge towards my running and that money could come to your organization yes so you would actually join a group of other athletes that are currently doing the same exact thing and I love that picture that you are using your fitness and so that another girl doesn't have to use her body in order to survive and so you can go to the destiny rescue website which is just destiny rescue org and there is a take action section of our website and if you go to that and that section there is a tab and it says fundraise and if you click on that fundraising page there's all different ways but you can create your own fundraising website and if you go and look at some of the other fundraisers you'll see you're in good company there is a lot of runners we have a guy that is running across the state of Pennsylvania to raise money for destiny rescue we have another gentleman in Nashville that's training for the Nashville Marathon and he's using his training miles and the actual marathon to raise funding for destiny rescue so we have all kinds of athletes not just in order to raise funding in order to provide freedom for children oh good I'm really excited that I'll be able to participate in that is will there be a timeline for me so would it have to be only if I ran from September to October or could I have a link and a fundraising page forever you can continue to create new or you can keep that same one active and then just to reframe it for whatever your fitness goals are the next upcoming race okay so I do the running I create the link and then after that it's on other people I don't have to deal with the money they can go to the link and their money goes straight to you that doesn't have to involve me at all that's right I like that I want to be involved but I don't want to handle money take me out of the equation there so just off the top of your head do you know how many athletes are participating there is 900 active pages right now I'm not sure exactly how many of them are runners but that's a very common common use for it some of them are students youth are very very passionate about this we actually have a campaign during the school year called rescue op 120 and so it's a challenge for every high school age student to give $20 if every high school student in America gave $20 we could rescue 1 million children so that's kind of the impact behind that so we have some some high schoolers that have created these pages to energize their circle of influence to give to rescue children we have some people that are are doing high teas or this summer it's been really popular to have a yard sale and have people purchase items from your yard sale and then also give to your your advocates page so people are using whatever they have necessary in order to provide the resources to rescue kids Wow

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