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Jennifer Robbins Bell Describes Her Best and Worst Marathon Experiences

From episode: Jennifer Robbins Bell: Conquering 52 Marathons in 52 Weeks and Beyond

tell me the best race that you've done so far. What's been your favorite? What city, state, whatever? That's a tough question. I loved the St. George Marathon out in Utah. It's just so, the scenery is just so different from where I live in Massachusetts, the Red Canyon. It's just so, I love that area. Like, all the canyons. I think it's beautiful out there. I haven't done that one. But I have done Crater Lake in Oregon. And it was like that for me. It was just breathtaking. Yeah, that's my favorite. It's very cool to go somewhere that's just so different. Absolutely. What was your least favorite so far? Was there one that you're like, oh, I'll never run here again. I don't know if I should name it. You can just describe it. You don't have to put a city name on it. How about that? What was bad about it? So I was almost done with running my 50 states. And it was one of my last few states that I had to do. So I signed up, traveled, flew out there, stayed in a hotel. And we got up in the morning, started running. And then a storm rolled in. And I got to mile four, and they canceled the race. That's the worst. It was awful. Yeah, they don't understand that all the money, all the money, the flight, and the hotel, and probably a car rental, time off work. Oh, that's the worst. I was just like, it's not that bad. Just let me go. Yeah, it should be optional, honestly. I mean, let me sign a waiver quick during this downpour that if I get stuck by lightning, it's OK. It's my own fault. Yeah. Oh, man, that's the worst. But then there wasn't really very many options in that state. So I actually had to go back and run it anyways a couple of years. The next year, I had to go back and run it. Man, oh, I feel your pain. I haven't had one canceled while I was there. I was supposed to do Jekyll Island, Georgia last January. And they were worried about the hurricane things. So they let us know a few days ahead of time. And so we were able to cancel the flights and all that. So I got the vouchers and stuff. So at least I hadn't actually wasted my money and had to do that part again. But it was still disappointing because you're really all jazzed up to go in three days. And I mean, looking at the weather, I know they don't know for sure. Yeah. In that day, it barely rained. It was fine. We would have been fine. Yeah, I've had two cancellations. One was when I was at mile four. And the other one is I had just landed in Philly. And they canceled the race. And I was like, ugh, I'm not going to go all the way to the, I was out of my layover. So I just went up to the airline. I said, I'm getting back on it. I'm going back home. Oh, wow. So they were very, the airline was really, they understood. They were very nice. They just got me on another flight. And I just turned around, came right back home. Because they said, what I'm going to do, sit in a hotel? Yeah. So yeah, that happens to us. And we got to kind of take the good with the bad. It's almost more disappointing than an injury when they do that.

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