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Ken Norton: "Running to the End of the Driveway Has Been a Workout"

From episode: Pushing Fitness Boundaries and Finding the Joy of Running with Ken Norton

your races, so your first 5k was UPR'd. That first day of the, when I did the four marathons and on my second day marathon was your first day of a 5k and UPR'd. And so that was really awesome, right? I thought so. And then the next day, the next race was a hilly race. It was really, really hilly. But I was only 30 seconds off from the PR. And then your last race, you PR'd again. I did. Yeah. So, and then now all your practice runs. So for those of you listening, I wouldn't normally have him do a three mile run. But now that he's experienced in a 5k, a three mile run is pretty easy for him. So his practice run... Which is shocking to believe because we get through the 5k and I'm like, really? That's it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So those are things for you to reach out for your, you know, trying to think good things about yourself. It's like, wow, I PR'd. And that's coming from somebody who running to the end of the driveway has been a workout. You know, and going back to before I had the pacemaker put in that walking down the street, I couldn't do. But, you know, seeing my dad go through that, as well as seeing my dad be a weak person struggling with illness, it's encouraging to say, I don't want to live that life. But I also don't want you to live that life. Because I saw what my stepmother went through going to Italy with my dad and he ending up in the hospital. And, you know, it's not the way to see Italy. Or him sitting on a bench while she's out traveling in the city or whatever. And so, yeah, it's not been my purpose to get into running. I've been trying to figure out ways to push back the not going to run the last marathon with you. I've been trying to find ways to do it. But now I don't even want to wait until your 50th marathon to do

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