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Marathon Marvel Maya Cohn Started Running at the Age of Nine

From episode: Maya Cohn: A Runner's Heart, A Runner's Journey

Today we are talking to Maya Kohn. Maya, welcome to the program. Hi, thank you for having me. Oh, it's a pleasure to have you. We won't tell the listeners of all the bugs that happened in the other recordings, so I'm glad I was able to get you back on. Who knows what happened to these gremlins in this computer? But anyway, I wanted to talk to you about your running career that you've got going. How did you start running? So I started running when I was nine years old with my local girls on the run chapter in my elementary school. Wow, since you were nine. Have you continued running that whole time till now? No, I took a little break for a couple of years and then came back to it during the pandemic. OK, was that out of like frustration that you wanted to start running because of the pandemic just to get out of the house because you couldn't go anywhere else or what? Yeah, I think so, because I mean, there was nothing else to do. You couldn't hang out with people. Right. And now the pandemic's over, what's inspiring you to keep going? Getting to meet people in real life and running with them. Yeah, nice. So have you made a lot of running friends then because of that? Yeah, because I've met like a lot of people that I've run virtually with in person now. Oh, that's cool. Yeah. Did you have to travel to that or were these local people in Florida? These were people from other states that have come to vacation in Florida. So it's been a lot of fun getting to know them a lot more. Wow, that's amazing. Now, do you run with a local group, too? Yeah. Yeah, that's awesome. So when you were running with girls on the run, they do a 5K, correct? Every program that they have like twice a year. Yeah. Yeah. Do you run more than 5Ks? Well, yes, now I do. Now you do? Yeah. What's the furthest distance that you've run? A marathon, so 26 .2 miles. Nice.

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