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Maya Cohn Reveals the One Thing About Running She Dreads Most

From episode: Maya Cohn: A Runner's Heart, A Runner's Journey

know a lot of people, they're part of their motivation, not all of it, but is the buying of the clothes and the new shoes. Is that something that motivates you to get when you get new shoes? Honestly, no, I don't like clothes shopping or shoe shopping. I'm just like, let's get the things and get out of here. Yeah. Do you know, I have some of the not the shoes. Of course, you have to buy new shoes a lot. But some of my clothes are some of the original clothes of when I started running 10 years ago. I mean, because they're amazing, right? They still fit and they're not too worn out. So because I hate shopping, too. I just oh, it's the worst. So right there with you. So then that must be one of the things you dread is having to go buy new things. And you never have to buy shirts because I get all my shirts at the races. Right. I mean, that's a nice thing is you never have to buy shirts. But are there other things that you dread about running besides shopping for the clothes? Like, I guess when society thinks that a runner looks has to look a specific way. Yeah, like, oh, I hate when people say, oh, you don't look like a runner. Like, what is a runner supposed to look like? Right. I mean, what? I've got five fingers on each hand. I've got legs. Yeah, I've got legs. Yeah. I didn't know there was a rule book for this. What else do I need? Yeah. No kidding. Yeah. I didn't know there was, you know, do we have to look a certain way? Am I do I look like a monster? Yeah. Wow. That's crazy.

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