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Maya Cohn Shares What She Loves About Running (and Streaks!)

From episode: Maya Cohn: A Runner's Heart, A Runner's Journey

do you love about running that makes you get out there and go every day or however often you go? Well, I do go out every day because I do have a running streak and it's just the feeling of accomplishment that I get after completing a run that keeps me going. Very cool. So you said you run streaks. Yeah. What started that? It was originally to just get me out the door every day, because some days I didn't feel like running. But I knew, like I said, at the end, it would make me feel better. And now that I've done it a lot of days, it's just become a part of what I do every day. How far do you go every day? At least a mile. At least a mile. That's what makes it count for you, is a mile. What's your longest streak? What are you on? I'm on like 30 -something days, but I've done the streak twice with the two other times lasting over 100 -something days. Holy moly. Yeah. What broke the streak? What happened that made you break the streak? Injuries or sickness. Mm hmm. Yeah. Stinky. Both of those are bad words for runners, aren't they? And tell people, keep your germs at home. So are there things, I mean, going out every day that do you ever dread any of that or it's like, no, just like brushing your teeth, you get up and you just do it? I mean, yes. I mean, we all have those days, so sure. But like I keep on saying, it's all about the confidence and the feelings that you get after it that makes it worth

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