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Meet Amy Magdalein, Owner and Head Coach of Moms on the Run

From episode: Amy Magdalein's Road to Empowering Women Through Running

she also coaches moms on the run and she has several, several certifications and she has a YouTube channel. Welcome to the show, Amy. Tell us all about you. Hi, Karla. First, thank you for having me. This is fun. I, you know, know you well from the other side and we get to, I get to see you running on the other side of that mic, so this is fun to be here with you today. Thank you for having me. So certification -wise, I started with the RCA Roadrunners Club of America. I got the Level 1 certification. I really like the course, really like the instructors with Brandy Acita. He's a good guy. I went back and got to Level 2 because I just like to learn. I don't know. I just like to keep learning stuff. I'm running Revolution certified, so that's another certification that I really enjoyed. I'm also Galloway certified, so I am a run -walk Galloway coach. I'm a strength coach and yeah, just all things running and fitness related.

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