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Miles of Marathon Motivation With Jeannie Rice

From episode: Miles of Motivation: Jeannie Rice's Inspiring Journey of Marathons and Records

tell me um about your marathon journey how many marathons have you ran so far weeks ago three weeks ago ready yeah I did that was my 131 Wow and then 30 first marathon so you know it's interesting it's a funny actually I told my friends and family when I when I reach hundreds marathon I'm gonna stop running a marathon not that I'm gonna stop running I'll stop for marathon and I'll do the half marathon and I'll continue to run so 100th math and I went to Boston again Boston is very special I guess because I was qualified night very beginning so I went there right after my hundredth marathon I'm thinking already next math and I couldn't so many I still want to do so now since then I've been 31 again 31 more so I am you know still have several math and I want to do so I you know is it easy no training is the hard part as you know anybody can train I mean you get to the starting line we can all get through it math either faster or slower but to get to that point you have to train so train for so weeks train is a tough you know I run 50 miles a week all year round either I have a marathon schedule or not so I am pretty much marathon ready whenever I want to run math and I just picked the one and then I do so 50 miles a week a pretty much six seven days a week once in a while I'll take the day off but you know my day off can be real easy one you know three four mile or none but normally six days a week I run all year round so what made you decide to go from that 5k to a marathon what was there any transition in there any like a 10k then a half or anything like that or you just went from 5k to I think I went seven weeks in a row 5k but 5k is like my speed world to me I am more you know distance runner although I do have a world record 5k I don't consider myself a fast but fast enough for my age division you know I broke the world record on 5k 10k even 1 ,500 meter and one mile this past this year I got all this world record time but marathon is the one I really you know a good at it because a marathon time when I first broke a world record when I was 75 years ago in Chicago and I broke the world record by seven minutes yeah those seven minutes the German lady had it for five years nobody broke until I did it and then I broke that year and then year later I went to Berlin marathon and I broke my own record by three minutes so I have a ten minutes in between so but there's a couple ladies are chasing of course it's fun about it we are not pro runners but you know they are chasing my record and record will be broken some sooner later just like I did this year now I'm move up to 75 and I broke 75 years old record mm -hmm so Chicago I only broke by four minutes so I mean I said only because I was hoping for seven minutes just like I did five years ago but this way I can break my own record again because I didn't run as fast as I want I plan to and I was hoping to so now next big race will be London and that's what I'm going for okay so you're going for all the world majors yes yeah yeah I don't have any marathon plan before then I do have a USATF cross -country that's only 6k 6k in December and I have a math half marathon in December Jacksonville and then in Naples in January that's a big race I go to Naples during the winter time mm -hmm I live in Cleveland Ohio during the summer but it's cold in here so I'll be heading down in a week or two to Florida and I stay there till April so but there's a big half marathon in Naples in January which I do that every year and I belong to running club down there it's a huge race people come from all over so that's my my schedule but I do a lot of 5k if it's a local 5k there is 5k I run anyway because to me that's my fun run and it's a speed work mm -hmm and I'm not really good at going to track every week like some people do I used to when I was younger and I don't do that and I still go once in a while with the friends if they want me to go I'll go but my speed work is local small races or I do on the road by doing this you know running schedule

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