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Moms on the Run Helps Women Reach Fitness Goals and Build Community

From episode: Amy Magdalein's Road to Empowering Women Through Running

Now with the ladies in the Moms on the Run, do you help them reach any goals? Is that part of it that they want to come, they join to maybe do a 5K? Or is it all just fun -related fitness, make friends, and that type of thing? It's really whatever they want and whatever their goals are. So a lot of them come and they don't care about running a race. Now once they get with us and we talk them into it, you know how we do, then we usually talk them into something. But a lot of my women are. They ran their 5K, 10K, or whatever, and now they're shooting for bigger distances. We've had a lot of ladies that have started with us that never ran a 5K and now they already have run their first marathon or they're working on their multiple half marathons and getting faster and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, it's really for anybody that wants to. I mean, we even have walking groups, which I love, I think is very important. So it's really whatever you want to do and I would love to help women reach big goals or big goals for them, whatever that is. Sure. Wow, that's really cool. I really like that community aspect of it. That has to be the best thing of all. You know what? much easier to show up when you know that somebody's there waiting on you and those girls know that if they don't show up, I am calling

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