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Move it!

If you're considering starting an exercise habit you've come to the right place! We all know that regular exercise is a great mood booster, helps you sleep better, helps to maintain a healthy body weight, maintain muscle mass and even can enhance your sex life. Check with your doctor first.

What's the minimum?

Glad you asked! Realistically, if you're not doing anything currently then doing SOMETHING is the minimum. So- start with walking....down the driveway and back. That's it for day one. If that's too easy head down the driveway and walk to the corner and back. Get the picture? Figure out what you can do and do that much. Do it 3-5 times a week. As it gets easier add on more distance until you're up to 30 minutes 5 days a week.

That's the minimum.

What's next?

After you're comfortable with your aerobic activity you should add on weight-training. This could be body-weight exercises, free-weights, or weight machines. Find exercises for your upper and lower body. Pick a couple that appeal to you and add those in.

Why weight training? Muscles are what move your skeleton. As we age we lose muscle.. The process can start within 2-3 weeks on non use. Don't go into your Golden Years in a wheelchair. Keep those muscles strong!

The Homerun

The best thing you can do for yourself is general mobility work. Trying to get a full range of motion of all your limbs. Arm circles, leg swings, ankle and knee movement, even finger and toes. Use all your joints to your full ROM. Perhaps a yoga class - keeping in mind the goal is not to become a yogi but to keep your joints fluid.

Do these things in equal balance often. Get out there and MOVE IT!

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