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Running Coach Amy Magdalein Opens Up About a Recent Health Scare

From episode: Amy Magdalein's Road to Empowering Women Through Running

talked right before we started recording about a more recent setback that you've been having. Did you want to share that? Yeah, sure. Absolutely. I've been pretty open about it and hopefully maybe it'll help somebody else. So I'll see the dates. It was like later in April, middle to late April, I started feeling just really weird. It's hard to describe. I was feeling anxious a lot and I was noticing that my heart rate was higher than it normally was. Even when I wasn't exercising, I was dizzy and nauseous. And at first I thought I was just had a virus bug or something. But it lasted a few days and it kind of was getting worse. So one day I was actually, I was telling you earlier, I was grocery shopping and I'm walking around the grocery store. Like I wasn't speed shopping. I was just walking around and I was sweating and I felt like I was running outside. Like I was exercising. I looked at my heart rates like 148 and I'm like, this is crazy. Something is wrong with me. So I call my mom who, you know, is like my best friend and she's a long time nurse. I'm like, mom, something is wrong. What should I do? She's like, just call the doctor right now. So I called him and I told him my sentence. He's like, go to the ER. So he like scared me and I'm like, okay. So I go to the ER and I was there for like 24 hours and they did all these tests and all this everything. And they were like, well, we don't really know what's going on. So we're going to send you home. They did a lot of blood work but that didn't come back yet. So they sent me home and heart rate was still really high. And they sent me home like the next day. And then that afternoon they called me or later that night they called me and they're like, we need you to come back. So I went back. They didn't tell me why. And I go back and I sit down with the doctor and he's like, you have hyperthyroidism. And I was like, what? Like, I mean, you know, I'm just turned 45 a year. I mean, I've heard about thyroid stuff with women and, you know, but I'd never, never really know anything about it. So he explained it to me, of course, is where your thyroid with hyperthyroidism is where your thyroid is overacting and overproducing all these hormones. Which was why I was feeling just, I felt like I was always like going, going, going. Yeah. I mean, I'm like sitting on my couch and I looked down and my heart rate's like 118. And I'm, you know, so my body was just felt like it was always exercising. So my thyroid levels were like four times too high. So I actually was in the hospital for several days. They put me on some medication for thyroid problems and it's, and then they had sent me home. So it took a few weeks really to balance it out. So I couldn't do any exercise, which I know would be really hard for road coming back. I'm definitely running by heart rate right now, which includes lots of walking. And I do a run walk normally. So this includes a lot more run, more walking. And just being really patient with my body because my heart rate still runs a little high. I was put on beta blockers, but they took me off that. So that's good. I'm starting to come down off the methamazole, which is the thyroid medicine and things are really starting to feel better. And I can feel that, you know, getting back to normal again.

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