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There Are So Many Ways YOU Can Get Involved With Girls on the Run!

From episode: Christine Benedict: Fueling Resilience and Compassion in Young Girls

So for those of you listening, I've known Christine now for probably six months, maybe we've emailed back and forth prior, but I'm volunteering as a coach. I volunteered to do other things before, like put packets together, but I am volunteering this season, and I can testify that yesterday at that 5K, them smiles were just priceless when they would break that tape, just, oh, and you know, I asked a couple of them, did you realize how strong you really are to finish that distance? And they're like, I know, their eyes, you know, so that I'm so excited to be a part of that and to hear other stories from you because it's like we get to just sit around and chat all the time. But yeah, so for those of you listening, I know that you want to know what else you can do to get involved. Because they don't have to only coach, right? There are other things that people can volunteer to do? That's right. There's so, we have so many needs. There's so many different ways to get involved. If you like what you're hearing. Yeah, so many different ways. And now, oh, Carla, I'm so glad you shared that. I mean, that gives me all the goosebumps and the teary eyes just thinking, again, it is, you make such an impact. I'm a bit biased, of course. I think the coaching role delivers such high impact for a relatively low time commitment. Coaches can commit to even just one day a week for those 90 -minute practices. And I feel like coaches can commit to just one season, kind of test it out. I feel like for those nine or 18 lessons that you're committing to, you walk into a season where you don't know any of these kids, by the end of those nine weeks, you can have really developed some pretty special relationships and get to see a lot of progress in that time. And I think it's just such a high impact as opposed to, say, maybe a one -time volunteer opportunity where you're just sort of doing more of that busy work. Or even I also happen to serve as a big sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters. That's a many -year commitment. You're sort of investing this whole time. This is different. You get that really high impact in terms of those relationships with the kids, I think, in a pretty short period of time, especially because the curriculum is designed to help you have really interesting conversations with these kids all the time, discussing fascinating scenarios, things that make you probably even think as an adult about your life and the way you manage your emotions or relationships or friendships. So yes, I'm a bit biased, but I do think that the coaching role is an incredible way to get involved.

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