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What Maya Cohn's Learned Through Her 11-Year Running Journey

From episode: Maya Cohn: A Runner's Heart, A Runner's Journey

So throughout your running career, it's so let's the 11 years, then 12 years you've been running? Something like that. Math is hard. Hey, you're not running right now. Math's not hard unless you're running. And in those 12 years, what what's the best thing that you learned? That's a tough one. Maybe like what is something you learned about yourself over this time? Like, I've got a lot of confidence because of running that I think otherwise I wouldn't really have, I guess. Mm hmm. Yeah. Knowing that you can do it. Yeah. Knowing I can do tough things. Yeah. That's amazing, isn't it? To think I remember each time I would go a mile further, you know, when you're training for a marathon and your longest distance was the three point one, right? When you first started. Yeah. And then you're like, wow, I ran five miles. And the next time you're I ran six miles. So each time I hit a new mile, I was just amazed that I could do it. Yeah. Is that how you felt, too? Yes. Yeah. Do you think you'll do any ultras now that you're up to the marathon distance? I think I will never say never, because that usually comes back to guess. Yeah, I would say at least once. Yeah. What distance are you thinking? I don't know, probably 50 miles. Nice. That'll be exciting. Yeah, it's not that much then running a marathon. Right. Just two of them. Yeah, there's less than two. If we want to do the math.

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