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Would You Rather: 5K Edition!

From episode: Pushing Fitness Boundaries and Finding the Joy of Running with Ken Norton

rather do a 5K in all 50 states, right? So we would backtrack and do all the states over again. Or would you rather run 5Ks through the national park system? You know, it was really exciting when we did Idaho and Montana, because those were the 49th and 50th states for me to have visited. So it's been exciting already being in all 50 states. And that's the other fun part of this journey for you, is that we were able to claim that. And I know that's been a major goal for me because of my father. And he passed away six years ago, seven, almost seven now. And the one thing he lamented was that he'd only been to 49 of the 50 states. And so knowing that we've checked that off our list has been really great. And taking dad to the 50th state was really fun, too. We took his ashes skydiving in North Dakota. So I would say I would be much more interested in doing the national parks, because we've already been to the 50 states. Now we ran a 5K in all the national parks. Yes, because they have races. Oh, shoot. I just wanted to go to the parks. But what a good way to see them, though. But that's the thing. Now, just the idea of running a 5K is, well, let's do that in the morning and then go see whatever, you know, we might as well get a t -shirt and a medal out of something. And I'll probably want to go for a run anyway. And that's the remarkable part of this for me, is that I'm already thinking, boy, I didn't get to go out and run today and I really I feel like I'm OK with it, but I would rather get out and do something physical.

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